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Sekando Web Toolkit is a set of simple yet useful APIs, libraries, and services that improve the functionality and performance of websites. The monthly subscription provides full access to these services and the revenue will go toward improving the current tools and development of new ones.

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Feednami is a tool that makes it easy to parse RSS/Atom feeds in a browser. It works by parsing the XML in the cloud and returning it as JSON.

Since Google Feed API has been deprecated and shut down, you should use it if you were previously using Google Feed API!

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Feed Frames

Feed Frames are RSS/Atom feeds rendered as HTML that can be embedded in another page as an iframe. A Feed Frame's template can be edited so you can display a feed's contents however you want.

Feed Frames are customizable and don't require JavaScript to display.

(↑ This is an embedded Feed Frame)

Find out more about Feed Frames in the docs.

Coming Soon

Feednami is the first of several services planned to be added to Sekando Web Toolkit. Check back here or follow @sekandoweb to find out when new services and features are released!